Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Aging in Place

A luxury bathroom with dual floating vanities and a walk-in shower with white tile and a glass door.If you are planning to age in place, there are multiple ways you can upgrade your bathroom to meet your future safety and accessibility needs. This not only applies to a certain age group but anyone who has found their forever home. From ADA-compliant grab bars and shower seats to ergonomically-placed shelves, there have been a variety of technological enhancements over the years that homeowners can rely on. However, no matter what features you plan on having installed, it is crucial that you work with a bath remodeling contractor that listens to your goals and helps you achieve the bathroom remodel that you desire.

Accessibility & Safety Installations

Bathroom remodels can be completed with accessibility and safety installations. These features can be located throughout every part of your bathroom from the bathtub or shower to near the toilet or vanity. Consider adding grab bars, foot pedestals, shower seating, or detachable faucets to your bathroom remodeling project. These features are not only safe but can also be comfortable and stylish.

It’s not easy for the average homeowner to know exactly what they may need in their bathroom in the upcoming years. If you are unsure of which accessibility and safety products you should have installed during your bathroom renovation project, ask your professional contractor for their recommendation. An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor has provided more safety and accessibility installations than you can imagine and will have valuable insight into how your bathroom can be upgraded to suit your needs.

Get Rid of Your Bathtub

Consider a bathtub renovation such as a tub-to-shower conversion. Your bathtub can be an extremely dangerous slipping hazard. If you do not have it removed by a professional contractor, you may be at risk of falling and getting hurt. Many bathroom remodeling contractors suggest converting bathtubs into walk-in showers. The no-threshold entry of a walk-in shower can make all the difference in the safety and accessibility of your bathing experience.

You can also maximize your independence with reliable handrails and hand-held shower attachments. With these features in place, you can move and bathe more freely and comfortably.

Beyond safety and accessibility, tub-to-shower conversions lead to endless possibilities in design. Walk-in showers can be customized with different beautiful wall surrounds, sturdy and gorgeous glass doors, easy-to-reach shelving, and anything else you may choose. Imagine all the ways you can design your ultimate bathroom remodel to suit your needs.

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Are you planning to age in place? Between completing your own research and meeting with reliable bathroom remodeling contractors, you should have no problem finding the information you need to begin working on your bathroom renovation design. You can also speak with your family members, neighbors, or doctor to hear their suggestions.

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